Weekly and bi-weekly cleaning clients receive a 20% discount on all deep cleans, add-on services and always receive priority scheduling. We will apply the discount for you after you book services and follow up with you to verify the details of your upcoming visit.
We always recommend that you start with a deep clean, but we are happy to begin rotational cleaning if you understand that catching up on some areas will be an ongoing process. 

What is included in a deep cleaning?

If you sign up for recurring services without a deep clean, that is fine too. We want to make our cleaning services easy to use without big upfront pricing. We will continue to catch your home up over the course of the next few visits by rotating in some deep clean items, but it can take several visits before your home is all caught up.

Booking Move-in or Moving-out Service? This is not a routine cleaning. For an accurate quote, please select Deep Cleaning and add addons.

What is included in a Move-in/out cleaning?